The Resource That was Nam : the collection, Creation Films Documentaries, (videorecording DVD)

That was Nam : the collection, Creation Films Documentaries, (videorecording DVD)

That was Nam : the collection
That was Nam
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That was Vietnam
This collection of harrowing and compelling footage traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever-expanding war that ultimately spanned three U.S. Presidents. This captivating 9 DVD collection examines the war from the air, water and land, and from within the hearts of those that fought. "That Was Nam: The Story of Vietnam as told by the grunts who served their 365 days in hell. This is the complete story of the air war over the north and the battles for the valleys and Highlands of the south. Shadow Warriors: This is the true story of America's special operation warriors in Vietnam-- Green Beret, Ranger, SOG Seal, Marine Force Recon, hear from the men who created a legend and a code that today's Special Ops forces live and die by. These warriors will be critical to success in the upcoming conflict. Vietnam war stories: This grand scope project covers the war years of 1954 to 1975. In addition to the outstanding color action footage, this documentary includes eyewitness interviews ranging from accounts of policy makers in Washington to remembrances of grunts who were humping the boonies trying to survive a '365 and a wake up' for a trip home on the freedom bird . Brothers in Arms: The Screaming Eagle story as told by the veterans of the 101st which includes exclusive home movie footage donated by the veterans. Trial by ordeal: This series tells the stories of some of America's legendary groups of fighting men who persevered and triumphed in the worst places and at the worst of times. Vietnam-America's conflict: A harrowing collection of 50 military-produced propaganda films issued throughout the Vietnam conflict. From strategic political move to the immediacy of jungle warfare and the weapons with which the war was waged, Vietnam: America's conflict captures the sweep of history and the agony of a generation"--Container
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That was Nam : the collection, Creation Films Documentaries, (videorecording DVD)
That was Nam : the collection, Creation Films Documentaries, (videorecording DVD)
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  • Ep. 04.
  • The 9th Infantry Division
  • Huey in a helicopter war
  • Ep. 05.
  • Alone, unarmed & unafraid
  • Ep. 06.
  • FIght for life
  • Ep. 07.
  • American navy in Vietnam.
  • Disc 2:
  • That was Nam:
  • Disc 1:
  • Ep. 08.
  • Battle of Khe Sanh
  • Ep. 09.
  • Probe and pursue
  • Ep. 10.
  • River patrol
  • Ep. 11.
  • Any target, any time
  • Ep. 12.
  • Progress to peace
  • That was Nam:
  • Ep. 13.
  • Operation new life
  • Airpower: Vietnam to Desert Storm.
  • Disc 3:
  • Vietnam war stories, episodes 1-6.
  • Disc 4:
  • Vietnam war stories, episodes 7-11
  • Brothers in arms: Their father's footsteps.
  • Disc 5:
  • Trial by ordeal: 1st Calvary in 'Nam/USS Forrestal
  • Ep. 01.
  • Shadow warriors, part one, part two.
  • Disc 6:
  • Vietnam-America's conflict:
  • Why Viet-Nam
  • There is a way
  • War and advice
  • Another day of war
  • 1st a1 Cavalry
  • Marines 1965
  • Night of the dragon
  • A day in Vietnam
  • Ready to strike
  • 82nd Airborne
  • Beans, bullets and black oil
  • Operation Montagnard
  • The sky soldier.
  • Disc 7:
  • Vietnam-America's conflict:
  • No substitute for victory
  • History of the Air Force
  • The Sparrow Hawks
  • Ep. 02.
  • This is Parris Island
  • The unique war
  • The United States Air Force in Vietnam
  • Faces of rescue
  • 11th Armored Calvary Regiment
  • First Calvary Division
  • Airmobile
  • The battle of Khe Sanh
  • A day in Vietnam
  • The drill sergeant
  • The army air mobility team
  • River patrol.
  • Disc 8:
  • Vietnam-America's conflict:
  • Vietnam! Vietnam!
  • Sand and steel
  • The full blade
  • Vietnam crucible
  • Hall of honor
  • The hidden war in Vietnam
  • The gentle hand
  • Ep. 03.
  • The 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam 1965-1970
  • 4th Infantry Division
  • American Navy in Vietnam
  • P.O.W. A report on captivity in Southeast Asia (1964-1973)
  • Marines 66.
  • Disc 9:
  • Vietnam-America's conflict:
  • To save a soldier
  • For thou art with me
  • Khe Sanh, victory for air power
  • Pipeline to victory
  • Know your enemy
  • Nation builds under fire
  • --And a few good men
  • The battle
  • The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam
  • Small boat Navy
  • Twenty five hour day
  • P.O.W. code of conduct
  • Contact!
  • Progress to peace
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